DRIS Rescue Sling Shot


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This is the DRIS Rescue Sling Shot


DRIS Rescue Sling Shot

FREE shipping in the USA


This very simple, oversized slingshot uses commercial-duty fiberglass extension poles butted against the ground to eliminate recoil and maximize launching distance of 3 to 20 ounce weights. While hand-throwing is nearly impossible… or at best, requires a great deal of practice, the BIG SHOT™ allows operators to launch across rivers, or big bodies of water. Other mechanical launchers using gunpowder or pressurized gas have limited ability to control distance, leading to grossly over-fired shots. With just a little practice, you’ll be able to toss a weight high or low with near pinpoint accuracy. For peak performance, don’t use the BIG SHOT™ with total pole length less than 8 feet.

Kit includes:
-2, 4 foot Jameson Fiberglass poles, one with a boot, and a BIG SHOT™ head.
-a 16 oz Neo throw bag.
-200 feet of NEON 3 throwline
-Small  Storage Bag.


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