Highland SS Din Plug


Most divers have experienced the pain of getting to the dive site with their full steel cylinders, only to find that all of the gas had escaped due to an accidental valve opening. You can protect against this problem with these stainless steel DIN plugs. These plugs are precision machined from 316L stainless steel stock and are designed to seal either the 240 BAR or 300 BAR cylinder valves. The o-ring seal prevents leakage of the cylinder gas, even if the valve creeps open due to jarring or temperature change. When this extremely hard stainless steel DIN plug is installed, your fragile brass valve opening is protected against bending and deformation that would prevent you from installing your DIN regulator. High quality stainless steel DIN plugs are available anywhere, but none are found with this quality at this price. Protect your cylinder valves today.

Precision machined from 316 stainless steel
Protects DIN valve threads
Seals water out with Viton o-ring
Oxygen clean


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