Drysuit Glue for Scuba Divers


This 4oz can of Drysuit Glue is perfect for replacing Neck and Wrist Seals, Zippers, Boots, Patches, almost anything you need to repair on your suit.  It also works great on Wetsuits, hoods, gloves. Comes with Built in Brush.


Drysuit Glue for Scuba Divers


Just coat the suit and then coat the seal (see recommended amount of coats below).  Wait about 20-25 minutes (or until lightly tacky), and stick them together.  Go over it with a roller, and then give it a final massage with your fingers to work it all in and get out the bubbles.  Let it dry for about 2 hours and give the suit a leak test.  Viola…you are in action!  If any leaks are found, you can go over the suit with a heat gun and push everything back down or use Aquaseal over the seam to seal it.  Remember not all installs are the same, even on the same suit.

Typical Coats required for different materials (this is an estimate and you should make the final judgement):

Neoprene – 4-5 Coats – Coats can be applied after 10-15 minutes *
Trilam- 2-4 Coats *
Latex- 2-3 Coats
Urethane Interior Suits- 2-3 coats- You can also use Dry Adhesive Tape

* These materials can also use the Dry Adhesive Tape instead of glue.  You will need to do the same amount of coats with Mcnett Seal Cement, let it dry, then adhere the Dry Adhesive Tape to the seal and Seal Cement.  The Tape will not stick to Clothe, but it will stick to the Seal Cement.  The Seal Cement will stick to the clothe…so you just layer it up to give it a bonding platform.


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