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Dive Rite Tech Regulator Necklace::Coloured


A regulator necklace is an essential tool for advanced and technical divers. A necklace allows the diver to stow their backup or secondary regulator just under their chin for quick access if needed.


Dive Rite Tech Regulator Necklace::Coloured


Divers utilizing a regulator necklace typically subscribe to the ‘donate the primary regulator’ philosophy in an out-of-air scenario, with the primary regulator on a longer hose.

Whats new?

A redesigned locking cone allows for easy resizing, creating the perfect fit for every diver. The new locking cone also allows for better movement, making it easier to install or remove.

Personalize your gear with a splash of colour. The Dive Rite Regulator Necklace is now available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Tech Diver Black.

Dive Rite’s regulator necklace takes a new twist on a tool that technical divers have used for years to keep the back up regulator stowed under the chin. Made in from standard 3/16-inch bungee, the Dive Rite regulator necklace is a simple alternative to making your own. Made in the U.S.A.

  • 0.8 oz (23 grams)
  • 3/16″ bungee


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