Divesoft Fluorescein Marker for Scuba Divers


Signaling dye (20g) that leaves a fluorescent track in the water, making a diver in the open ocean readily visible to search aircraft.


Divesoft Fluorescein Marker for Scuba Divers


Fluorescein (specifically sodium salt of fluorescein, CAS 518-47-8) is a dye that, in small amounts, can color water with an intense green to yellow-green hue, which also shines in sunlight. Fluorescein was first used in searching for persons lost at sea during the Second World War, when it saved the lives of many pilots from all warring nations.

Fluorescein is harmless in the dilution used for signaling (in some countries it is approved as a food coloring agent). Ingestion of pure or concentrated fluorescein can result in poisoning. Fluorescein is not a hazardous substance or compound pursuant to Directive (EC) No. 1272/2008, nor is it a hazardous substance in the classification pursuant to Directive 67/548/EEC. 

Each vial of fluorescein is tested to a depth of 100 metres.



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