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Formally Scuba Scoop and kirkscubagear’s Scuba Scoop, all the great reading from those blogs are now being integrated into Kirk Scuba Gear’s new site. Enjoy featured articles on divers, dive products and more. Kirk Scuba Gear will continue to bring you more interesting reading in the future.

Deep Diving – The Gas Is Only a Tool

Many experienced scuba divers eventually want to go deeper, and maybe even technical diving. Deep diving has so much to explore. There is a constant debate on what gas to use for some technical dives. Some will say deep air

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Introducing Wet Sox::::New to Kirk Scuba Gear

  WETSOX are technical socks built for the outdoors. Kirk Scuba Gear is pleased to offer these sox's to divers/outdoorsman and winter lovers. GO PLAY OUTSIDE! Founded by a few avid outdoorsmen in the North East, the WETSOX line was

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Shipwrecks are treasures

Photo Credit:::http://www.clickorlando.com/news/shipwreck-discovered-on-florida-beach Most people don’t realize it, but shipwrecks are treasures for us to find.  Almost like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Treasure Island, there is treasure in shipwrecks. Recently, there has been more buzz around the

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The Million Dollar Point – the graveyard of millions of dollars’ worth of military gear which the USA dumped into the Pacific

As some historians would suggest, nearly all the participants had no clue as to when the Second Word War was likely to see its end, especially as more and more parties started jumping into the mix. Being one of the

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Davy Jones’ Locker is actually a description of shipwrecks and sinking to the bottom of the sea, feared by every sailors

There are plenty of fascinating stories and characters to be found in ocean lore. We can recall, for example, the legend of the Flying Dutchman, doomed to sail the seas forever. While we’ve seen the incarnation of this particular legend

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Snorkeling in Michigan with Nancy Wasburne

Snorkeling in Michigan with Nancy Wasburne. YouTube::: Published on Apr 26, 2017 Website: http://www.snorkelmichigan.com/ Video Narration: Nancy Washburne Content Editor: Martin Ruiz Soto

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Are Hose Protectors Necessary or a Risk?

So in this short blog, I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions around hose protectors. I am going to start with why we have these, then go on to how you can cope without them and finishing off with

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Introducing Nancy Washburne ::: Her Fish Story

Kirk Scuba Gear will be featuring some of Nancy's Snorkeling videos in the coming weeks:::stay tuned! Freshwater Discovery As a certified scuba diver I have experienced some of the most spectacular underwater locations on earth, such as the Red Sea,

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Robotic Underwater Lab Tracking Toxicity of Lake Erie Algal Bloom

A new tool to safeguard drinking water is now keeping a watchful eye on Lake Erie. On July 18, a robotic lake-bottom laboratory began tracking the levels of dangerous toxins produced by algae that bloom each summer in the lake’s

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End the commercial seal slaughter in Canada!

Each year, the Canadian government authorizes commercial sealers from Atlantic Canada to kill hundreds of thousands of baby seals. Almost all the seals killed are pups are under three months old. The world wants the commercial seal slaughter to end.

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