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Cave Diving Isn’t as Crazy as It Sounds

I am a professional cave diver. I teach cave diving, guide visiting divers in caves, and explore new caves. When I tell people what I do for a living, they usually mumble some sort of standard response -- "Oh that

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7 Risks and Limitations Associated With Diving Enriched Air Nitrox

  Nitrox Dive Tanks While there are many benefits to diving with enriched air nitrox, there are also limitations and risks. Consider the following seven limitations and risks of diving with enriched air nitrox. 1. Enriched Air Nitrox

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Doing what you do well, enjoying it a top priority

Lee Taylor-Watson, scuba diver and owner of Dive Media Job commitments kept Lee Taylor-Watson away from his passion for scuba diving until he incorporated it into his work. He qualified as a diver in 2006 in his native

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Decompression Sickness vs Nitrogen Narcosis – What’s the Difference?

Originally published 4 July 2013 @ Scuba Scoop Both Are Caused By Nitrogen, So What Is the Difference?: During the open water certification course, student divers learn about both nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness. I have noticed that students tend

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