//Doing what you do well, enjoying it a top priority

Doing what you do well, enjoying it a top priority

Lee Taylor-Watson, scuba diver and owner of Dive Media

Lee Taylor-Watson, scuba diver and owner of Dive Media

Job commitments kept Lee Taylor-Watson away from his passion for scuba diving until he incorporated it into his work.

He qualified as a diver in 2006 in his native United Kingdom but didn’t spend much time underwater until he relocated to the diving Mecca of Egypt. Its popular Red Sea diving attracts scuba-related businesses. Lee, whose career involves website and other computer-related work, saw an opportunity to serve those businesses.

His company, Dive Media, has two sides. “Firstly, we specialize in providing website design, development, marketing, IT and communication solutions for scuba-diving businesses. We work with diving centres and diving manufacturers on a world-wide basis.” The second element is The Scuba News, the company’s flagship publication, which is growing on a daily basis. “In truth, it has taken on an entire life of its own and became so much more than was ever intended, a trend I will be happy to continue” adds Lee.

“I don’t work at actually teaching diving but I do teach diving centres how to market themselves and make the most of the tools that are available to them in order to raise the profile of their scuba-diving business.”

To Lee, providing excellent services to a few clients is more important than providing average service to many. “We actually turn down more businesses than we accept. Our strategy for The Scuba News is very different. For this we want more readers and more subscribers and thankfully we are achieving this more and more every day.”

Although Lee still does not get to dive as often as he would like, he is looking to continue with diving education. “My plan is now to head down the technical diver route and aim to complete a Rebreather Course later this year/early next year. I am a partner in a technical diving business so it would be stupid not to follow this route at some point.”

Lee loves wreck diving and the Red Sea offers lots of options. “The SS Thistlegorm will always be a favourite, along with the Four Wrecks on Abu Nuhas Reef (also known as the Ship Graveyard). These are the Carnatic, Kimon M, Giannis D and Chrisoula K.”

On the job, his measure of success is whether he enjoys the work. “For this I am certainly successful. I am a big believer in the quotation from Confucius: ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ I am happy to say that is how I feel most days.”

Editors Note::::Kirk Scuba Gear has been pleased to associate with Dive Media and Lee in the creation of the new Kirk Scuba Gear. Thank you Dive Media and Lee Taylor-Watson for your continued support. 

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