//Diving with the Cool Kids: Aboard the Sun Dancer II in Belize

Diving with the Cool Kids: Aboard the Sun Dancer II in Belize

Sun Dancer II

Sun Dancer II

Our all-inclusive dive menu doesn’t start with the famous Blue Hole, but rather with the obscurely named Site Y. My boyfriend and I are stoked as we learn from the dive briefing that the wall starts shallow — which in diver-speak means we get more bottom time. As we descend, we spot the shadows of two blacktip reef sharks. Upon approach, they tail us like a pair of friendly grouper. One comes in tight to my lens, where I’m granted great close-up shots accompanied by my own heart-thumping theme song. And while I play it cool, I’m starting to think these guys are hanging around a little too long. But in the ocean, they are the cool kids. It doesn’t take much time for them to grow bored with us and move on to find something more exciting. As for me, it’s only the first day and I couldn’t be more in awe.

The seven-day trip of our all-you-can eat, sleep and dive extravaganza is aboard Aggressor and Dancer Fleet’s Sun Dancer II. And they don’t skimp on the service: The only thing we have to do is jump in and dive. (They even provide valet fin service.) Surface intervals are diver’s choice: eating fresh-baked banana bread, reading on the deck or, my favorite, taking a nap.


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