//“Frozen in Time” Arctic Shipwreck of HMS Terror – See how it Looks Today

“Frozen in Time” Arctic Shipwreck of HMS Terror – See how it Looks Today

hms terror
HMS Terror thrown up by the ice. Engraving by George Back

The HMS Terror is one of the most famous doomed voyages of all time. The 19th century was a time of innovation, exploration, and expansion.   Adventurers were making haste to discover those parts of the world that were still largely uncharted.  One of those adventurers was John Franklin, who took two ships and sailed off in search of a route across the Northwest Passage in 1845.

The following year, the two ships, the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror, ran into trouble in Canadian waters when they were surrounded by ice and completely stranded, causing the 129 crew members aboard the ships to abandon them and make for land.  Sadly, the entire crew perished one by one as they tried to walk across the Arctic, according to CNN.

HMS Terror shipwreck
The HMS Terror on July, 14 1837. Engraving by George Back.

Now, scientists from Canada have been examining the Terror and released new images of the ship taken where it lies in the icy waters of Terror Bay in Nunavut, Canada.  Between the deep, cold water and a layer of silt, the wreckage remains remarkably well-preserved, despite having been under water for 175 years.  A study being conducted by Parks Canada and Inuit researchers has found artifacts including maps, scientific instruments and logs in the sunken vessel.

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