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ScubaMax Aria Color Lens Dive Mask

Many ocean lovers like diving or snorkeling under the waves to see life.

If you’re planning a dive trip this winter south and look forward to the beautiful underwater colours, you might want to buy a colour correction mask.

Hmmm, why this mask? There’s nothing like the awe-inspiring experience of seeing the most real colours of marine life and corals. Divers need a high-quality, color-corrected scuba mask to truly appreciate these underwater wonders.

The ScubaMax Aria Color Correcting mask gives colours at depth a difference to the diver / snorkeler compensation. Rose colour is used for the ocean, and amber colour is preferred for lake diving / snorkeling. It’s like making philters of your own image all the time with this mask.

The Spider Eye Color from ScubaMax comes with a double-coated colour lens to enhance underwater colours and provide 100% UV protection. This is one of their most popular teardrop dive mask for double lenses.

Priced right with a variety of colours, with the ScubaMax Aria Mask, you can’t go wrong.

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