Dry Adhesive Drysuit Tape


This is the Dry Adhesive Drysuit Tape.


Dry Adhesive Drysuit Tape


Includes qty. 2- 14.5″ strips (Shipped as one sheet with cut line to separate 2 strips) of Dry Adhesive Tape.  Tape is 1″ Wide and can be applied around wrist and neck seals. Don’t bother messing with glue to put your new seals on, get some heat tape….it works wonders and is just as strong if not stronger and easier to manage.

Can be purchased also as a donut for neck seals.  Donut is just 1 piece that comes uncut.  It is premarked, just cut it out and save the extra scraps for another project or touchup.

Can also be purchased as a 13″x16″ sheet that you cut out your own strips or donut in any configuration (size good for 1 neck seal and 2 wrist seals with some extra)

Does not adhere to Neoprene, Trilam, or any other clothe material without an extra step.  You would need a base layer of Mcnett Seal Cement completely covering the bonding location(suit side).  Let the base layer fully dry, then the tape will adhere to that Urethane based base layer you now have on your suit.  Please call with ANY questions or clarification before install.

Be sure to clean your work before heating up.  When you think its clean, clean it again.  Clean ALL surfaces before heating.  That includes the both sides of the tape.


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